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Amazon has debuted its subscription-based audio book service Audible in India, offering access to over 200,000 audiobooks.Audiobooks Subscription members agree to pay a recurring monthly fee, permitting us to charge membership dues and any applicable tax, until the account is cancelled online or by phone.For the vinyl lover in your life, The End Of All Music Record Of The Month Club is the gift to give.Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription was launched by Amazon in July 2014.In most cases, purchasing a subscription plan lets you buy audiobooks at a lower price than purchasing audiobooks individually without a subscription plan.After joining a membership, an individual then pays a monthly or annual fee or have it download audio books free or sent home.

This is a recurring monthly subscription to the Uncle Rick Audio Club.

Audible Adds Free Audible Originals To Its Subscription

Ie i pay a monthly fee and get to listen to everything on their catalog. audible is only 1 book a month for 14 a month.If you want to listen to more than one book per month you can add additional credits onto your account so that you can access more audio books.An Audible gift subscription is a great holiday present for the reader in your life.The days of needing to lug heavy hardbacks are fast being left behind and with the new age popularity of Mp3 players, more paperback books are being launched in audio every day.

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I have noticed that many of my favorite authors are now offering their books in audio form.

A subscription to Audible is a great gift for people who

Listen to murder mysteries while you wash the dishes, self-help books while you drive, or romance while you garden.

Amazon’s Audiobooks Subscription Service Audible Launched

The subscription to this book site is not always necessary, as some people can only buy titles they want whenever they want.

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Free Audiobooks Are Now Included With Amazon Prime, But

Browse, buy, and download audiobooks from your favourite authors on iTunes.The Canadian company has added audiobooks to its offerings and already has an.

Little Fun Club - Book Subscription for Children from 0 to 12

A Monthly Delivery of Pads and Tampons (and Chocolates and Cosmetics) For any gal in your life who would appreciate one less thing to worry about picking up at the store.

Kobo adds audiobooks along with an Audible-like subscription

Google launches audiobooks - with no monthly subscription fee

There are some tradeoffs in opting for the monthly subscription.

Each calendar month you may choose any single audio book from our extensive collection of audio books.This article is a comprehensive review of all Audible subscription plans and their prices.

I, unlike Nate, love audiobooks, and plan to reactivate my monthly subscription in a month or two.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription adds audiobooks for

The new Audible Originals offering will work similarly to a book-of-the-month club: on the first Friday of each month, Audible will release a list of six original titles, from which subscribers.Each month you get to pick out an audiobook to listen to for the month.

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